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Scholarship Program

The application deadline is January 29, 2017 by 10 PM Pacific Time

Ventura County Community Foundation has awarded more than $12.8 million in scholarships to deserving Ventura County students and is the local leader in granting financial aid to promising scholars.

How Many Different Scholarships Can I Apply For?

  • You may apply for a maximum of 5 scholarships.  If you apply to more than 5, VCCF will remove your application from the additional applicant listings.

What Do I Need to Apply?

  • Your parent(s)/guardian(s) OR your most recent income tax return (if you are a dependent on your parent/guardian’s tax return, use their most recent IRS tax filing).
  • The 2017 Financial Aid Assistance Questionnaire Worksheet - Download Questionnaire >
  • The e-mail addresses for two people who will provide a recommendation letter on your behalf (no family members or neighbors).  At least one of the recommendation letters must come from a current teacher at the school the applicant is currently attending.
  • Your most recent official transcript from your school’s Registrar’s Office.  You will need to email the registrar from the application program; the program will include a link with the request for transcript that the registrar clicks to upload your transcript.  No student profile or class listings will be accepted.  An applicant will be disqualified if the transcript is not official.
  • A list of your current school, community volunteer, and work activities.
  • A list (in order of preference) of your top three college choices.  If your top choice is a community college, please do not apply for scholarships that can only be paid to a 4-year college.
  • Your basic contact information.
  • Based on your Qualification Questionnaire responses, the online scholarship application program will generate a list of need-based and/or merit-based scholarships that you qualify for.  ONLY PICK FIVE.  The maximum you may apply for is 5.

What is the link to apply?

  • The link to the login page is
  • Follow the prompts to Sign In (if you already have an account because you applied last year) or to Register (you don’t have an account; you will be directed to a registration page where you enter all required information, click the agreement box, and click the Create Account button).
  • You will see a list of all the scholarships being offered this year.
  • Click Start Application to begin filling out your application.
  • There are several tabs that make up the entire application. Complete all of them to submit your application.  Once you have completed all tabs of your application, the SUBMIT APPLICATION button in the lower right corner will be enabled. Click it to submit your application.
  • After completing all follow-up items for each scholarship click the Re-submit Application button.

VCCF Scholarship Program Information for Applicants

Congratulations on pursuing higher education!  Through the generosity of local donors, the Ventura County Community Foundation is able to assist you reach your career and educational goals.  The application process for scholarships is highly competitive and there are many scholarship categories to choose from.   Each year we have several thousand applicants and it is very important your application is completed in full to be considered eligible.

This year’s application process is for the 2017-2018 academic year and you MUST be enrolled in an accredited institution by Fall 2017 to receive funding.

The application is done entirely online (NO EXCEPTIONS). 

Basic Information for the Application Process:

  • It takes about 2 – 5 hours to complete an online application.  Each student will create his or her own user account and the student’s personal email address will be the username for login purposes.  Please remember your password!
    • You will need the following in order to submit an application:
      • Your (or your parent(s)/guardian(s)) most recent income tax return
      • The email addresses for the 2 people who will provide a recommendation letter on your behalf (no family members or neighbors are acceptable references).  Additionally, one of these recommendations must come from a current teacher.
      • Your most recent official academic transcript from your current school’s Registrar’s Office.  Email the registrar from your online scholarship application; the online application program will include a link for the registrar to click to upload your transcript to your application.  NOTE: No student profile or class listings are permitted.  An applicant will immediately be disqualified if the transcript is not official.
      • A list of your current volunteer, school, work, and community activities. 
      • A list (in order of preference) of your Top 3 school choices.  If your top choice is a community college, please do not apply for scholarships that can only be paid to a four-year institution. 
      • Your basic information (name, address, contact information).  Please make sure to keep us posted if you move or change your address.  Otherwise, you risk not getting notified of your award.    
  • Every applicant must write an essay of between 500 and 700 words, which must be submitted at the time of application. 

Advice for asking for a letter of recommendation:

  • Every applicant must submit at least 2 letters of recommendation, with at least one coming from a current faculty member (that means, a teacher at the school you are currently attending). 
  • Your second letter of recommendation may also be from a current faculty member, your school counselor, or from your supervisor at work or in a volunteer position.
  • Our advice is to talk with those being asked for a reference beforehand and to send them a letter explaining why you are applying for a scholarship and what you are hoping to accomplish in your future.  Be sure to ask them well in advance of the application deadline so they have enough time.
  • Be sure to send a thank you note after they accept!

Timeline for Application Process:

  • Application opens by Thanksgiving each year.  This year it opens November 22nd.
  • Applications MUST BE SUBMITTED by January 29th by 10:00 p.m. PST (NO EXCEPTIONS). 
  • Early applications are welcome!
  • Students are notified by letter around mid-May of the results of their application (award or denial).  If you have not received a notice, please do not call until after May 30th.  
  • Scholarship recipients (awardees) are encouraged to attend a Scholarship Reception & Donor Appreciation Event schedule for June 1, 2017 in the afternoon. More information will follow with your award letter on this important and celebratory event.  
  • Your scholarship will be mailed to your school’s financial aid office following our receiving of your acceptable proof of enrollment (must be for Fall 2017).  More information will be included with your award letter. 
  • Make sure to send a thank you note to your donor(s)!  Send it in care of VCCF and we will make sure the donor(s) receive it.

It has come to VCCF’s attention that some people are charging up to $1,000 to assist students with the application process.  There is NEVER a fee to apply for one of our scholarships and we have generous volunteers who will help students for free if needed.  To submit a request for assistance, email .

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