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Investment Policy & Overview

Each year, investment policies are thoroughly reviewed by the VCCF Investment Committee and recommended changes are forwarded to the Board of Directors. These policies outline annual distribution amounts, investment goals, long-term investment objectives, and asset allocation targets.

Annual distribution policies are based upon a total return strategy that is intended to preserve long term capital appreciation. As approved by the Board, the current annual distribution is 5% of the total fund value, based on a 12 quarter rolling average taken as of June 30th.

The investment goal is straightforward: to grow the portfolio in real, inflation-adjusted terms in order to meet annual fund distribution needs while preserving and enhancing purchasing power. For the long term, investment objectives include:

  • Providing for long term growth of the principal through diversification
  • Achieving rates of return that are consistent with established risk levels
  • Outperforming designated benchmarks
  • Remaining in the top one-third of a peer group
  • Hire quality managers and hold each accountable for actual and relative perfomance
  • Manage diversification through asset allocation targets


Each fund at VCCF shares pro-rata the actual costs of the investment process, consultants and baseline fees, as each fund also shares pro-rata the returns. At present, investment fees are 0.95%; management fees are extra, and are based on size and activity.

Investment Managers

The VCCF Investment Committee works with a consultant to identify and hire top flight managers who excel in their market segment. Recent changes to the policy expand international exposure and more alternative assets: absolute return, private capital, target-specific specialty managers. Changes to the asset allocation will be made with significant additions to the pool and through an annual rebalancing against the targets approved by VCCF’s board.

Long Term Performance vs. Risk Adjusted Benchmarks

Investment Results VCCF is dedicated to the management of its investment portfolio to achieve longterm results. VCCF compares its results to key benchmarks over a three-, five- and 10-year duration to measure and evaluate performance over those periods. Our long term performance has historically been well above average.

For Information Please contact Bonnie Gilles, vice president of finance, at or 805.330.6681.

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