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Established by: 
Ventura County Community Foundation

Established on: 
December 29, 2003

The primary purpose of the Fund is to support giving a scholarship award to a graduating senior who is named as a Star Scholar at every high school in Ventura County.  Recipients are selected by their respective high schools.  Ventura County Community Foundation conducts a fundraising campaign each year in partnership with the Ventura County Star newspaper to fund scholarship awards.

Average Amount of Award
$250 - $500 (dependent upon annual fundraising campaign success)

Average Number of Awards
75 - 85

Demonstration of Financial Need
Not required

GPA Requirement
Minimum 3.0 GPA

College Major

Student Profile
Meritorious graduating seniors from each high school in Ventura County are nominated by their respective high schools to the Ventura County Star (newspaper) as outstanding scholars with significant community service and school activities. Recipients must be planning to enroll in a vocational or career technical education institution in pursuit of a certificate of completion or be enrolling at an accredited community college or an accredited four-year college or university as a candidate for an undergraduate degree.

Other Special Requirements
Star Scholar nominees are selected by their respective high schools and are notified by the Ventura County Star (newspaper) who gives them a link to a site where they download the Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF) Star Scholar application, register for the awards banquet, submit a bio and photograph for the Ventura County Star’s special newspaper insert. 

The scholarship awards are made from the VCCF Scholarship Fund for Ventura County and the dollar amount is dependent upon the fundraising campaign each year.  Scholarship Fund for Ventura County scholarship awards are neither renewable nor may prior year recipients re-apply.

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The Ventura County Community Foundation is a public charity dedicated to increasing the quality of life in Ventura County by encouraging local philanthropy to respond to needs through responsible grant making and scholarship programs. The Ventura County Community Foundation has many different scholarship funds that were created by individuals, corporations, and organizations to assist local students pursuing higher education or career training.

In addition to scholarships for which students apply to VCCF annually (listed in the annual Scholarship Guidelines), the Community Foundation also oversees school-managed programs in which school personnel select recipients for certain scholarship awards according to donor criteria. Graduating high school seniors, community college students, and California State University, Channel Islands students should check with their school’s Career/Counseling Center to learn more about these awards.

Ventura County Community Foundation has collaborated with the Ventura County Star since 2004 to offer scholarship awards to graduating seniors at every high school in Ventura participating in the Ventura County Star Scholar Program. Ventura County Star Scholars are selected by representatives from their high schools. The Community Foundation established the endowed Scholarship Fund for Ventura County but the fund does not generate enough to make awards to the 70 - 85 Star Scholars named annually by their high schools. Thus VCCF works to raise money so awards may be made to each Star Scholar. The dollar amount of the awards depends upon the success of our annual fundraising efforts for the program. We encourage all Ventura County residents to join us by investing in the youth of our county as they pursue their educational dreams.

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