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Donor Designated/Advised Funds

Agency/Nonprofit Funds

The Ventura County Community Foundation has the unique ability to hold assets for an agency or charitable organization, and to distribute annual earnings to the nonprofit to meet their needs.

A number of organizations have placed their endowment funds with the Community Foundation as a means of protecting and enhancing these charitable funds for the future. Endowment funds are particularly useful to organizations whose contributions can fluctuate with changing economic conditions; they demonstrate the organization’s security, stability and long-range planning, and help sustain its mission in perpetuity. The Community Foundation is pleased to partner with numerous organizations in building and protecting permanent resources to support important community programs.

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Donor-Advised Funds

The flexibility and convenience of Donor-Advised Funds open the door to charitable giving. A donor can make a contribution in one fiscal year and suggest grants for many years to come.

Anyone may establish a Donor-Advised Endowment Fund with a minimum gift. The donor selects a name for the fund, may build on the fund at any time, takes a tax deduction and can recommend disbursements for charitable purposes of all of the eligible earnings of the fund or the principal in a Pass-Through Fund.

To review VCCF’s Donor Advisor Handbook

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Donor Designated Funds

Designated Funds allow donors to specify which charitable organizations they want to receive the revenue. The Community Foundation monitors the performance of the organization to make sure the funds' grants are being used as intended by donors.

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Field of Interest Funds

Donors who wish to open doors of opportunity in particular areas of interest, such as the arts, health care, education or other fields, may establish Field of Interest Funds. The Community Foundation will then award grants from annual distributions in that field where need is highest. Contributions may be made by members of the community in support of areas of interest.

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Social Justice Fund

The Social Justice Fund for Ventura County is a social change grantmaking and educational organization created and guided by Ventura County donors. SJF has been established to advance equality and opportunity for all. It brings together the resources of a Giving Circle- a place where SJF donors come together and have a say in the grants we give- and the organizing power of grassroots groups. Together, we are working to advance solutions to poverty and inequality.

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VCCF Funds & Program Initiatives

Community Response Fund

Supports programs that make an investment in the community and improve the lives of Ventura County residents. The CRF also funds proposals to strengthen the capacities of Ventura County's nonprofit organizations. In fall of each year, priorities are selected for the following year.

Previous priorities have included:

  • Disaster Preparedness for Vulnerable Populations
  • Organizations in Transition
  • Mental Health Initiative
  • Capacity Building
  • Endowment Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Service Delivery
  • Afterschool Programming
Cornerstone Funds

The Cornerstone Project was launched in 1997 to accelerate and multiply the base of permanent philanthropy in Ventura County. The following funds were created through the Cornerstone Initiative and continue to support all aspects of the Community Foundation's work in Ventura County.

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Destino Hispanic Legacy Fund

Destino - The Hispanic Legacy Fund was established in 1996 by local residents in partnership with the Ventura County Community Foundation. The Hispanic Legacy Fund has established an endowed grantmaking fund to provide opportunities for the economic, educational, physical, emotional, social, artistic and personal growth of Latinos in Ventura County. Each year, founders and donors to the Fund review the needs of the community and vote to select issues of importance to Latinos in the County.

Destino is building a permanent source of funds for Latino issues, whereby each year the earnings from the Destino Fund can be used to award grants. As the only endowment fund dedicated to meeting the needs of the Latino community in Ventura County, Destino provides grants to local nonprofit organizations through a grant making process that involves members of the community in new roles as grant makers.

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Fund for Farmworker Housing

Supports efforts that will preserve, enhance and increase the supply of decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing for agricultural workers in Ventura County. This program was launched with a generous grant from Washington Mutual and contributions from other donors.

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Heritage Fund

The Ventura County Community Foundation’s Heritage Fund was established as an endowed grantmaking fund to provide opportunities for local nonprofits to have the resources and time to study and document the County’s heritage, share who we are, and how our county has grown and prospered. The Heritage Fund celebrates Ventura County’s unique history beginning in the early times and will continue throughout the years in the future.

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Special & Urgent Needs (SUN) Fund

Provides funds that respond quickly to urgent or emergency needs where a small investment will make a big difference. This is accomplished by providing grants up to $5,000 to support immediate, one-time needs. Applications accepted on an ongoing basis.

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Women's Legacy Fund

Provides grants to nonprofit organizations providing opportunities for the economic, educational, physical, emotional, social, artistic and personal growth of women and girls in Ventura County.

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VCCF Scholarship Funds

The Community Foundation’s scholarship program opens doors of educational opportunity for students of all ages. By educating individuals, the entire community is strengthened. The Community Foundation links donors with financial resources to students with potential for future achievement. A scholarship is more than a financial award- it is the key that unlocks the future for our youth by building their confidence. Many recipients write that they deeply appreciate the faith this shows in their abilities. For many students, it confirms their potential and is an important building block toward success.

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Ventura County Civic Alliance

The mission of the Ventura County Civic Alliance is to promote a healthy and sustainable future for the Ventura County region. The Alliance is a coalition of civic leaders with a shared commitment to bringing the economic, environmental and social equity interests of our region together to address priority community issues, increase civic engagement, and build community leadership.

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Ventura County Veterans Fund

The Ventura County Veterans Fund, established on Veterans Day 2010, helps provide employment assistance, counseling, education and housing to veterans returning to Ventura County.

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