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25th Anniversary Video Series



VCCF wishes to thank the individuals who assisted in the making of our 25th Anniversary Film.

VCCF Founders

Alan Teague                       Laura McAvoy

Ralph Mahan                     Michael Milligan


Kate McLean, VCCF past president

Nick Joseph, Smith Foundation Board Member

Emily Christison, Scholarship recipient

Ed Elrod, Donor and Scholarship recipient

David and Faith Friedlander, Grantees

Eric and Wendy Gillett,

Participants in VCCF’s Center for Nonprofit Leadership

Ted Jensen, Donor and Volunteer

Deirdre Maloney, Faculty Center for Nonprofit Leadership

Dorina Padilla, Scholarship recipient

Andy Robinson, Faculty Center for Nonprofit Leadership

Erik Sternad, CEO Interface Children and Family Services

VCCF Board Members

Pierre Tada         Gary Erickson

Tim Gallagher

Hank Lacayo

Mary Schwabauer

Bonnie Weigel


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